Thursday, December 21

Fluoxetine, Fog and Fragmented Memories

  • Fluoxetine
  • A drug used for anti-depressant use.
  • Prescribed to me by my doctor
  • And now i have NONE!

  • Actually i have one!
So where does this leave me? I've been dragged to boots the chemist and hopefully they will be able to pick my prescription up for me, and then I can simply turn up tomorrow and they will have my drugs ready for my consumption.

Kudos to Amy and John for sorting that out, without them I'd be a proper mess.


Had my 3rd? appointment with my psychologist today, she explained that my depression is far worse (or at least it appears that way from some tests I took) than she first estimated, which I personally agree with. As i explained I have this knack of hiding stuff so well, that not even people talented in these areas can forsee what I'm holding back and can only work on what I give out. I wish I knew how to take down these walls far more easier but for now I just work on it.


There is not many items which truely allow my mind to explode with the kind of magic which the xbox (360) has allowed me to endure. To truely comprehend what this machine means to me is difficult to explain, especially if one is not that of the type whom likes to play games.

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