Friday, December 29

Putting Up with Networking woes

My network (as in computer network and not social network) is a complete mess currently. This is due to alot of factors such as I was connected to NTL via my flatmates internet connection. I purchased a router and a Access Point, both linksys. At first this setup worked reasonably well, but as always (at least that i've found) i had trouble with UPnP.

While its meant to make life easier by dynamicly opening and closing ports, I've only ever found universal plug and play to be able to crash routers and kill connections. So instead I had a pretty much static setup, including static IP's and all.
So far this setup is pretty simple and anyone can understand it with a little networking knowledge and anyone with a reasonable home setup could create something like this pretty easily.

However, the addition of an xbox360 caused some problems (Although addition of any device which doesn't have its own wireless adapter would of caused the same problem).
Currently, my xbox360 connects to the internet via firstly my PC (running linux - gentoo + iptables, which shares its internet, which in turn is connecting through a firewalled (NAT'ed without UPnP) wireless network shared within my flat.

The main problem (As far as i can tell is that)
  1. The xbox360 is sitting behind two NAT'ed firewalls. This means that anyone attempting to connect to it has exteme (read impossible!) problems trying this. If the other end is also firewalled then no connections between the two hosts can be created

  2. The xbox360 is on a different subnet to the rest of the network, due to the fact its connected via my PC, so it can't be on the same subnet as the PC (at least not with the current setup.) This means I can't play via the "lan" nor stream music and video to the xbox.

I have some solutions in mind, but am not sure yet if any of them make sense or are even possible. I hope to discuss this at length with various people whom mostly have more knowledge in these areas, to see if i can create a working solution to my problem.

  1. Can I possibly get the xbox connecting via the PC and on the same subnet as the PC?

  2. Can I add an extra wireless card to the PC (already owned) and allow the xbox access to this?

  3. Can I find a 3rd party xbox wireless adapter which is suitable for the job?

Get my xbox 360 online, hopefully with a "open" status indicating that i have no problems whatsoever connecting to other users on xbox live, meaning i can host, and join matches at will.

I'll update once I've found a solution to my problem!

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