Monday, November 5

Was looking for a voiceover...

If you find yourself in need of a professional voice for a phone system, commercial, training presentations or that kind of thing, here are two interesting sites: male voice talent Chuck Brown and male and female voiceover from Voiceover Superfriends.

Bored, So I started to game again..

Many of you know by now that I play nethack when I'm bored. Well I got really annoyed at nethack lately so I've been looking for other games to play...

On interesting one I found was It seems really cheesy at first, but I found I really got into it after sticking with it for awhile. Might want to check it out.

Friday, September 14

Hahaha, hes at it again

Hey kids, if you like music, you'll love ChrisBradley at noisecontrol. He now thinks that advertising on a network, with a page aimed at causing havoc and destruction for that network, is inteligent.

Yes Chris Bradley, I'm coming for YOU!.
Seems chrisbradley is still at it :

Monday, September 10


ChrisBradley IS insane. Simple.

Check out some of his links, and this is the kind of shit he spreads while hes online.

Interesting. Make an op a fool - get enough rope...whatever. Apparently someone finally wants to talk.
So who's going to cast the first earth shattering stone...?
blah blah blah blah blah blah

You know all this time - I never asked if anyone from Viacom or Turner were here?
because it matters, kids
See, he thinks it makes him "interlectual".

oh sorry, yeah, my words were too complicated.
for once i agree with you jt.
* fragalot (n=thomas@gentoo/user/FamousToaster) has joined #defocus
Actually there very well could be Viacom and Turner people here.
yes keep pretending no-one else is here
see thing is
* cl0ud (n=makavel@ has joined #defocus
yeah - because you're cooler than jesus with your scrobblings...
* Ultraface is now known as Bucketface
* recon (n=recon@wikipedia/recon0) has left #defocus ("Leaving")
who said anything about
it's pretty simple - just don't talk shit
jesus did.
He won't shut /up/ about it.
"Guys check out these hymns I'm scrobbling!"
"Jesus that's not even a real word"
"Hey shut up ok?"
* greghunt has quit (Remote closed the connection)
jesus was behind the sofa
what's going on iank
he checked my cloak.
:O exactly where I didn't look
Not much ChrisBradley. Waiting for pizza.
Also considering doing homework.
he said "hey foo' how about ya chuck your super dj shiz this way,a nd we dance like 1935"
iank - while you're doing that - I've got a mid 90's present for ya
hes going to offer his mum, run!
Is it MC Hammer?
More like the smiths
* IamEthos (n=nsloan@unaffiliated/iamethos) has joined #defocus
channelone is under construction at the moment
I'm actually waiting to get hauled into court by a number of entities.
hooray entities
yeah - and they will win apparently
But not until after I get splashed all over hell and my book sells 1 million copies.
iank, STOP!!!!
btw - who are the lawyers of pdpc and freenode...
ChrisBradley, hauled into court for what?
the lawyers for freenode aren't on the website...
...are there lawyers for the PDPC?
Searching for an colloquial english expression meaning "crap". It sounds like "whuzz". An example would be "this is whuzz material". Is "whuzz" the word? How would one write that?
* iank collaborates and listens
* Kaffien has quit ("I found Jesus! ... he was behind the couch this whole time!")
expose: huh?
* wrtpeeps_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Hm. Wait a second. Maybe i just got it. It might be "woes", that would fit in here.
ChrisBradley, Why do you want to know?
* njan has quit ("Leaving")
expose: doesn't sound like it would make sense to me. What're you working on?
ChrisBradley, A high level staffer would probably know. Still - why?

expose: Oh my mistake. But in that case, it still doesn't make sense to me, and english is my first language.
I'd like their names and numbers at some point. I am acting by proxy, and the inquiries are of our concern and not the board.
expose: You seem to know whats going on though, obviously you figured it out. lol
ChrisBradley, As far as I know, PDPC is under no obligation to reveal who their counsel is unless you are suing them. ;)
ChrisBradley, Still. Christel would know.
I per se am not suing them.
Neuropath: well, i'm past that section yet and wont rewind, but he says something like "okay, as an example for what i mean, here's some woes-material: "
ChrisBradley, Then whoever is can figure out the lawyers. Legal mail should go to the operating entity - i.e., the board.
hlieberman, surely this is 1. off topic, 2. legal and therefore should be conducted via recoardable means (email at the very least) 3. a #freenode matter?
ChanServ chicken|work chii ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
Oh and ChrisBradley if you DO
SmileyGF, #defocus has an off-topic? Agreed, and agreed. As I keep telling him - he needs to talk to Christel. :)
just besure you will meet me at the other end of a very sharp stick
Mind you, there isn't really much to sue for. :P
as i know your talking out of your arse eitherway.
* Baristo has quit ("Leaving")
Other than christel - who makes up the board? And where is their contact information located.
politics = offtpoic.
try dig
ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
ChrisBradley, Dude. It's called google. It comes in a web browser.
Christel is the head of the board.
* fragalot has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
i think Denny or PhilKC, and its all on
* Erobos ( has joined #defocus
* joshin (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin) has left #defocus ("##finance, where greed and right-leaning political discussion won't get you flamed")
hlieberman - I take it you are speaking to the effect that you know who the board are and choose not to disclose it. Other than to say - try a search. And I am well aware christel is "head of the board." That does not make her the ultimate voting authority.
ChrisBradley, Yes, I do. Third link on google.
This isn't rocket science.
man, your makign your self look more and moer stupid
I mean, come on.
Make an effort.
next your gonna be like "omfg, you not let me talk man omg its harrassment wah wah"
If you won't google something, act like a professional.
501(c)(3) is required to file form ___ with the IRS.
And that form is open to the public.
hlieberman, hes making "legal" accusations via IRC...... that doesn't get any MORE professional.
Guess the number - the IRS can't have that many forms, right?
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lets be realistic here. the link does not include who your attorneys are for a point of legal contact. In case something were to happen inside the network that were requiring their contact.
such as what exactly?

Monday, September 3

Bioshock Lag Fix

If your bioshock starts lagging on "Fort Frolic" the quickest fix isn't to dump the cache or your patches, but instead do the story as fast as possible. You must kill and take photos of 4 people, for me, the last person (who you see running around on fire) caused some sort of crazy frame dropping lag. I killed him (which was rather hard, used a big daddy to get him as i personally couldn't move properly) and instantly my lag issues were gone.

By the way this fix is for the 360 version, might have the same problem on the PC version as well. Bioshock rules!

Thursday, May 10

Reading microsoft the wrong way?

So Microsoft are launching live for windows. This idea is that gamers on windows vista will have the same access that gamers on the xbox360 have (incidently i own one :)). However, lots and lots of people are reading this totally the wrong way.

The PC market is expanding, constantly expanding updating and changing. The problem for consoles is, after each new generation, a gamer may decide that the new console from a different company, such as sony or nintendo, is far better than the current offering they are sitting with. So how do you hold gamers for the time it takes them to switch over for the next generation, keeping them thinking within your mind set?

Easy: you give them something which makes them feel powerful, clever, better, strong. You give them a identity which they can show off to friends and rivials. This identity is your Gamer Tag and Gamer Score. Together, they identify you as you play online via Microsofts xbox360.

So now Microsoft are expanding this to include PC gaming, and in doing so they have caused some uproar about how they are expecting gamers to pay for something they have had for free for so long. They are expecting games to pay for the ability to earn online achievements, to have online match making and other various things which PC gamers have had for so long.

ExtemeTech has written about this fact, but I think they totally missed the point. The point is Microsoft now have a way for them to stop supporting the xbox360 (in a few years from now) but their customers might decide they dont want the next console in the line. Many people skip console generations for various reasons, cost being a large one, or sometimes wanting to wait to see which console will reign supreme.

A good example of this is the xbox360 and Sonys own Playstation 3. Many people at first waited before buying a xbox360 up to a point until Sony released the news that the PS3 was running late. However, what if Sony had some online system, where gamers could keep their reputation, continue to expand in their gaming persona, which then would still exist, when the new console finally came out?

Microsoft have already seen how people who gained friends and fame on the xbox (1) were pleased to be able to carry this gaming persona onto the xbox360, and now they are offering the chance to carry it onto PC gaming too.

So, some might think Microsoft have gone crazy, trying to charge for something which has been free for so many gamers before them, but anyone with a Gold account on a xbox360, is also a gold account for live on windows. Any xbox360 gamer can already access all of this, and maybe some PC gamers will even consider buying a xbox 360 seeing how this amazing online system works?

Tuesday, May 1

Well i thought some - new computer to build and sort

After thinking for awhile about my present problem, i attempted to bridge my wireless and wired connections so that every machine on my network would end up in the subnet, simplifying the whole lot.

However, a small problem existed which didn't appear to be pointed out anywhere. A wireless card (or at least, mine doesn't seem to be able to) can't be put into promiscious mode (which means it picks up on all packets sent accross the network) AND to be associated with a network at the same time.

So this caused a huge problem, i could watch all the traffic passing me on the wireless, but couldn't respond as i wasn't actually attached to the network. I was like a bystander watching a football match but I'm not one of the players so i can't effect the game play.

Shame no one picked up on this problem before i got everything ready and went "live".

However, one good thing did come of this, Shady, who's PC was/is connected to the router in my room, which gains access to the net via my PC (and IPTables) found he couldn't connect to the net when he got home, so he tried his wireless card, which hasn't worked for a looooooong time, and it suddenly burst into life. While this is nice it hasn't stopped us having a network cable drapped between our two rooms, as well as the one in the roof which the landlord doesn't know about ;)

So, I next went to my girlfriends for the evening, and was hoping i could pick up the spare belkin wireless router might of allowed me to create some kind of repeating network which would be on the uplink of the router, taking my PC out of the network to act solely as a client.

However, it seems we had given away the spare router to a friend (DOH!), but instead i knew she had a computer in her room.... a plan started to slowly formulate in my head. If i could use this spare pc, in the place of my own PC, i would be able to allow my machine to reboot/shutdown/etc whenever it wished and this other PC could run quietly in a corner.

So now i have a spare machine, plus 3 random hard drives i dug up. Still got to check what O/S is installed, and then start the process of replicating the needed parts on this new system. I could go for some firewalling solution such as shorewall, but there would be no point as im already behind a secure enough firewall.

Wish me luck :D

Sunday, April 29

Networking is fun!

Ok lets start by first showing off my wonderful network, giving each device (computer, router, access point, xboxes, etc) a letter.

Internet (the big cloud) -> DSL Modem/Router (A) <-> Wireless AP (B) <-> My Linux PC (C) <-> eth0 (D) <-> Another Router (E) <-> Xboxes (F), 1PC (G).

Also on teh network is 2-3 wireless laptops which connect directly to B.

So, looks pretty simple... Nope. Got 2 NAT firewalls, IPtables, 2 different subnets, many workgroups, and a confusing setup :).

What I wish i could do.

  • Access media on my xbox from my laptop/PC(C).
  • Access my friends PC's media (G) from my laptop or my PC (C).
Why doesn't this currently work?

Currently the router (D) has its uplink plugged into my PC, which then looks at various rules in IPTables and decides if it should forward the data or not. This setup is now rather.... useless / outdated and needs updating to make it easier for me to admin. Problems such as different subnets mean protocols like samba/smb/nfs/other networking protocols which expect to be on the same subnet just... cry out in pain when i look at even trying to get them to understand the network.

Hopefully when i've finished ill have fulll working SAMBA access, i will be able to rig the samba election, and also access all of the networks file shares! \o/
Hopefully ill be able to find some linux version of tversity too, which will allow me to stream content to my xbox.

Wish me luck, im going to need it!

Tuesday, April 17

Dead xbox is revived!

So my xbox died today, that was more than fun.

Yesterday i get to pickup guitar hero II, and then today it dies! I almost wanted to cry, but some how I managed to get into contact with GAME in town and low and behold they offered to replace it if i could prove proof of recipt... but no, the recipt has gone walk abouts!

I need something to keep track of when i buy products.... in the end i had to go to the bank to get a statement showing that i brought it back in October so i could get my replacement.

Got it finally in the end but it was a huge hassle, im sure they could of checked rather easily too but they choose not to :<. Annoying?, Foolish?, easy way of making money?

Eitherway it didn't stop me in the end and my room is still untidy :)

Friday, March 16

Poker and Money... VS GAMES!


Difference between these games, and playing poker for real money is that in a "game" is that the player can perform far better than they could ever hope to in real life. The player is able to do stuff which just couldn't ever happen in real life. They can become the best footballer on earth, they can race cars at the speed of light, and then jump buildings in a single bound. All of this and it costs no more than going to the cinema or renting a movie out.

So, looking at your "common" gamer, what makes them want to spend REAL money, on a game which doesn't even make them superhuman? The casino bosses must of been mulling this over and over, because they created a system which i can only think of as amazing. They somehow managed a system which first draws you in, allows you to start enjoying the game of poker."

More at

Wednesday, March 14

Finished Worms, hit 8k and lots of coursework

So i hit 8000 gamer points! \o/ Still need to get 100% on a few games tho, including about 10 live arcade games :-o

Worms Completed + 8000g
and there it is.

Wednesday, February 14

Crackdown, oh how i seek thee!

Crackdown, Oh Crackdown,
Come jump around with,
Crackdown, Oh Crackdown,
Let me fly to thee highest high.

Monday, February 5

Quiters on Xbox Live

So yes i may lag slightly, but no more than the next guy.

So yes, i may suck slightly, but again no less than the next guy.

BUT I NEVER, EVER leave games because someone keeps killing me. I mean today, i was playing gears of war, and then with my shotgun skillz i managed to take down a guy with a sniper rifle (well dont try using it upclose stupid!) and then the leader too. What was their responce? To kill the server.

Well congradulations guys, i now disrespect a little more of this "community". Lets hope it recovers.

Friday, February 2

The Most Complicated Home Network EVER?

Anyone who has a small network in their home might be impressed by what i've slowly built, out of random bits of networking devices, I've ended up creating a bit of a monster of a network, with abosolutely NO room for expansion, nor planning.

Now the network started off as just a PC Connected to a wireless network whcih i didn't run, and so couldn't control at all. And so it started, i had a laptop, and a xbox360 which i wanted online. After some failed ideas invovling my friend running an internet connection, which i could leach, i ended up with a collection of various bits of hardware (as all geeks have).

And now? Well there is a 9m long cross overcable running long mine and my flatmates celing, through a wall (without my landlords knowledge :o - however i have to wonder waht they think the cable coming out of my celing is actually for?). These run down to a router i had spare on my desk which routes to my Linux PC (which the router belives is an ISP and allows me to fake my MTU.), This then passes through IPtables, which was hell to setup, and up onto the wonderful wireless network which i have no control over.

However, this has all just changed as my friend once again has internet in his room, but tiscali in all their wonder have provided him with a USB modem, so we have it plugged into his PC, which now has ICS enabled, this then runs down to a wireless router/switch we have beneath his desk. This then shares wireless with the PC in my flat, allowing for a pretty complete and comprehensive network and lesson in networking for those who dont yet understand.

In other news, i've become an OP in #xbox360 on Come visit me some time ^_^

Links Wonderful Links!

Monday, January 8 is now

Yes, the title really does say it all.

My student loan came in, I paid my rent for the next 3 months and pondered to my self what to do.
I suddenly remembered that I promised my girlfriend that I would get her a "lostpea" url. That is, as lostpea is her nickname, I would purchase a URL which somehow incorpriated tihs.

So I did and now

Both belong to yours truely. How exciting!, It will all still be accessable via the old url, as long as Prism is my host (which is very kindly is at the moment, so if you need and damn cheap amazing hosting, ask him on freenode).

In "Other" news, I said I would update about my various problems with networking my xbox360, and to be fair I have got no where very fast.
Appently its impossible to bridge a wireless and wired network together (or it turns out very tricky and not too clever?) so that killed one of the options out of the water totally.

I tried asking over and over if there was some way of giving my xbox unlimited access to a spare Wifi card in my PC, but no one really knew the answer to this one, however im presuming that its pretty much the same problem again of trying to bridge the networks together.

Another solution was to get back onto my old NTL connection which i share from a friends room, the router arrived but now ntl are messing him around (as far as i can tell, all i know is i can't connect).

So for now, im stuck on a sloooooooooow network, of 25 users, all sharing 1...2mb (Its one or two, but no one really seems to know.) So for now i can't do much online gaming.

What DOES sound exciting is that a patch has been announced for Gears of War, a truely amazing game on the xbox360, and that should be released this wednesday including a few new maps, and lots of multiplayer fixes - Hopefully I might be able to play online now! ^_^.

Oh yes, and I'm heading to London for the day, with the girlfriend!. We will be visiting the Tate Modern and maybe some other gallerys if we can find them :D

Sunday, January 7

More updates to links


Added aload more links to the website, its now looking quite large in the "Resources" area, which is what i've renamed the links stuff.

So now its at but named : Resources. How cool eh?

Also, google started listing my website finally! Hopefully my page rank will increase a little, just to prove im not another spam site. We can hope eh?

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