Monday, January 8 is now

Yes, the title really does say it all.

My student loan came in, I paid my rent for the next 3 months and pondered to my self what to do.
I suddenly remembered that I promised my girlfriend that I would get her a "lostpea" url. That is, as lostpea is her nickname, I would purchase a URL which somehow incorpriated tihs.

So I did and now

Both belong to yours truely. How exciting!, It will all still be accessable via the old url, as long as Prism is my host (which is very kindly is at the moment, so if you need and damn cheap amazing hosting, ask him on freenode).

In "Other" news, I said I would update about my various problems with networking my xbox360, and to be fair I have got no where very fast.
Appently its impossible to bridge a wireless and wired network together (or it turns out very tricky and not too clever?) so that killed one of the options out of the water totally.

I tried asking over and over if there was some way of giving my xbox unlimited access to a spare Wifi card in my PC, but no one really knew the answer to this one, however im presuming that its pretty much the same problem again of trying to bridge the networks together.

Another solution was to get back onto my old NTL connection which i share from a friends room, the router arrived but now ntl are messing him around (as far as i can tell, all i know is i can't connect).

So for now, im stuck on a sloooooooooow network, of 25 users, all sharing 1...2mb (Its one or two, but no one really seems to know.) So for now i can't do much online gaming.

What DOES sound exciting is that a patch has been announced for Gears of War, a truely amazing game on the xbox360, and that should be released this wednesday including a few new maps, and lots of multiplayer fixes - Hopefully I might be able to play online now! ^_^.

Oh yes, and I'm heading to London for the day, with the girlfriend!. We will be visiting the Tate Modern and maybe some other gallerys if we can find them :D

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