Friday, February 2

The Most Complicated Home Network EVER?

Anyone who has a small network in their home might be impressed by what i've slowly built, out of random bits of networking devices, I've ended up creating a bit of a monster of a network, with abosolutely NO room for expansion, nor planning.

Now the network started off as just a PC Connected to a wireless network whcih i didn't run, and so couldn't control at all. And so it started, i had a laptop, and a xbox360 which i wanted online. After some failed ideas invovling my friend running an internet connection, which i could leach, i ended up with a collection of various bits of hardware (as all geeks have).

And now? Well there is a 9m long cross overcable running long mine and my flatmates celing, through a wall (without my landlords knowledge :o - however i have to wonder waht they think the cable coming out of my celing is actually for?). These run down to a router i had spare on my desk which routes to my Linux PC (which the router belives is an ISP and allows me to fake my MTU.), This then passes through IPtables, which was hell to setup, and up onto the wonderful wireless network which i have no control over.

However, this has all just changed as my friend once again has internet in his room, but tiscali in all their wonder have provided him with a USB modem, so we have it plugged into his PC, which now has ICS enabled, this then runs down to a wireless router/switch we have beneath his desk. This then shares wireless with the PC in my flat, allowing for a pretty complete and comprehensive network and lesson in networking for those who dont yet understand.

In other news, i've become an OP in #xbox360 on Come visit me some time ^_^

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