Friday, March 16

Poker and Money... VS GAMES!


Difference between these games, and playing poker for real money is that in a "game" is that the player can perform far better than they could ever hope to in real life. The player is able to do stuff which just couldn't ever happen in real life. They can become the best footballer on earth, they can race cars at the speed of light, and then jump buildings in a single bound. All of this and it costs no more than going to the cinema or renting a movie out.

So, looking at your "common" gamer, what makes them want to spend REAL money, on a game which doesn't even make them superhuman? The casino bosses must of been mulling this over and over, because they created a system which i can only think of as amazing. They somehow managed a system which first draws you in, allows you to start enjoying the game of poker."

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