Tuesday, April 17

Dead xbox is revived!

So my xbox died today, that was more than fun.

Yesterday i get to pickup guitar hero II, and then today it dies! I almost wanted to cry, but some how I managed to get into contact with GAME in town and low and behold they offered to replace it if i could prove proof of recipt... but no, the recipt has gone walk abouts!

I need something to keep track of when i buy products.... in the end i had to go to the bank to get a statement showing that i brought it back in October so i could get my replacement.

Got it finally in the end but it was a huge hassle, im sure they could of checked rather easily too but they choose not to :<. Annoying?, Foolish?, easy way of making money?

Eitherway it didn't stop me in the end and my room is still untidy :)

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