Sunday, April 29

Networking is fun!

Ok lets start by first showing off my wonderful network, giving each device (computer, router, access point, xboxes, etc) a letter.

Internet (the big cloud) -> DSL Modem/Router (A) <-> Wireless AP (B) <-> My Linux PC (C) <-> eth0 (D) <-> Another Router (E) <-> Xboxes (F), 1PC (G).

Also on teh network is 2-3 wireless laptops which connect directly to B.

So, looks pretty simple... Nope. Got 2 NAT firewalls, IPtables, 2 different subnets, many workgroups, and a confusing setup :).

What I wish i could do.

  • Access media on my xbox from my laptop/PC(C).
  • Access my friends PC's media (G) from my laptop or my PC (C).
Why doesn't this currently work?

Currently the router (D) has its uplink plugged into my PC, which then looks at various rules in IPTables and decides if it should forward the data or not. This setup is now rather.... useless / outdated and needs updating to make it easier for me to admin. Problems such as different subnets mean protocols like samba/smb/nfs/other networking protocols which expect to be on the same subnet just... cry out in pain when i look at even trying to get them to understand the network.

Hopefully when i've finished ill have fulll working SAMBA access, i will be able to rig the samba election, and also access all of the networks file shares! \o/
Hopefully ill be able to find some linux version of tversity too, which will allow me to stream content to my xbox.

Wish me luck, im going to need it!


Unknown said...

Why not get a nice Linux Based Wireless router?

I can reccomend the Dlink DSL G624T

David Goodwin said...

Surely you could remove some of the NAT'ing and replace it with a normal router with iptables rules on the traffic it routes?

Kristi Smith said...

Network is 2-3 wireless gaming laptop uk which connect directly to B. So, looks pretty simple... Nope. Got 2 NAT firewalls

Bamsi Byrek said...

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