Tuesday, May 1

Well i thought some - new computer to build and sort

After thinking for awhile about my present problem, i attempted to bridge my wireless and wired connections so that every machine on my network would end up in the subnet, simplifying the whole lot.

However, a small problem existed which didn't appear to be pointed out anywhere. A wireless card (or at least, mine doesn't seem to be able to) can't be put into promiscious mode (which means it picks up on all packets sent accross the network) AND to be associated with a network at the same time.

So this caused a huge problem, i could watch all the traffic passing me on the wireless, but couldn't respond as i wasn't actually attached to the network. I was like a bystander watching a football match but I'm not one of the players so i can't effect the game play.

Shame no one picked up on this problem before i got everything ready and went "live".

However, one good thing did come of this, Shady, who's PC was/is connected to the router in my room, which gains access to the net via my PC (and IPTables) found he couldn't connect to the net when he got home, so he tried his wireless card, which hasn't worked for a looooooong time, and it suddenly burst into life. While this is nice it hasn't stopped us having a network cable drapped between our two rooms, as well as the one in the roof which the landlord doesn't know about ;)

So, I next went to my girlfriends for the evening, and was hoping i could pick up the spare belkin wireless router might of allowed me to create some kind of repeating network which would be on the uplink of the router, taking my PC out of the network to act solely as a client.

However, it seems we had given away the spare router to a friend (DOH!), but instead i knew she had a computer in her room.... a plan started to slowly formulate in my head. If i could use this spare pc, in the place of my own PC, i would be able to allow my machine to reboot/shutdown/etc whenever it wished and this other PC could run quietly in a corner.

So now i have a spare machine, plus 3 random hard drives i dug up. Still got to check what O/S is installed, and then start the process of replicating the needed parts on this new system. I could go for some firewalling solution such as shorewall, but there would be no point as im already behind a secure enough firewall.

Wish me luck :D

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