Monday, September 10


ChrisBradley IS insane. Simple.

Check out some of his links, and this is the kind of shit he spreads while hes online.

Interesting. Make an op a fool - get enough rope...whatever. Apparently someone finally wants to talk.
So who's going to cast the first earth shattering stone...?
blah blah blah blah blah blah

You know all this time - I never asked if anyone from Viacom or Turner were here?
because it matters, kids
See, he thinks it makes him "interlectual".

oh sorry, yeah, my words were too complicated.
for once i agree with you jt.
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Actually there very well could be Viacom and Turner people here.
yes keep pretending no-one else is here
see thing is
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yeah - because you're cooler than jesus with your scrobblings...
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who said anything about
it's pretty simple - just don't talk shit
jesus did.
He won't shut /up/ about it.
"Guys check out these hymns I'm scrobbling!"
"Jesus that's not even a real word"
"Hey shut up ok?"
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jesus was behind the sofa
what's going on iank
he checked my cloak.
:O exactly where I didn't look
Not much ChrisBradley. Waiting for pizza.
Also considering doing homework.
he said "hey foo' how about ya chuck your super dj shiz this way,a nd we dance like 1935"
iank - while you're doing that - I've got a mid 90's present for ya
hes going to offer his mum, run!
Is it MC Hammer?
More like the smiths
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channelone is under construction at the moment
I'm actually waiting to get hauled into court by a number of entities.
hooray entities
yeah - and they will win apparently
But not until after I get splashed all over hell and my book sells 1 million copies.
iank, STOP!!!!
btw - who are the lawyers of pdpc and freenode...
ChrisBradley, hauled into court for what?
the lawyers for freenode aren't on the website...
...are there lawyers for the PDPC?
Searching for an colloquial english expression meaning "crap". It sounds like "whuzz". An example would be "this is whuzz material". Is "whuzz" the word? How would one write that?
* iank collaborates and listens
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expose: huh?
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Hm. Wait a second. Maybe i just got it. It might be "woes", that would fit in here.
ChrisBradley, Why do you want to know?
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expose: doesn't sound like it would make sense to me. What're you working on?
ChrisBradley, A high level staffer would probably know. Still - why?

expose: Oh my mistake. But in that case, it still doesn't make sense to me, and english is my first language.
I'd like their names and numbers at some point. I am acting by proxy, and the inquiries are of our concern and not the board.
expose: You seem to know whats going on though, obviously you figured it out. lol
ChrisBradley, As far as I know, PDPC is under no obligation to reveal who their counsel is unless you are suing them. ;)
ChrisBradley, Still. Christel would know.
I per se am not suing them.
Neuropath: well, i'm past that section yet and wont rewind, but he says something like "okay, as an example for what i mean, here's some woes-material: "
ChrisBradley, Then whoever is can figure out the lawyers. Legal mail should go to the operating entity - i.e., the board.
hlieberman, surely this is 1. off topic, 2. legal and therefore should be conducted via recoardable means (email at the very least) 3. a #freenode matter?
ChanServ chicken|work chii ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
Oh and ChrisBradley if you DO
SmileyGF, #defocus has an off-topic? Agreed, and agreed. As I keep telling him - he needs to talk to Christel. :)
just besure you will meet me at the other end of a very sharp stick
Mind you, there isn't really much to sue for. :P
as i know your talking out of your arse eitherway.
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Other than christel - who makes up the board? And where is their contact information located.
politics = offtpoic.
try dig
ChrisBradley chrisjw christel
ChrisBradley, Dude. It's called google. It comes in a web browser.
Christel is the head of the board.
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i think Denny or PhilKC, and its all on
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hlieberman - I take it you are speaking to the effect that you know who the board are and choose not to disclose it. Other than to say - try a search. And I am well aware christel is "head of the board." That does not make her the ultimate voting authority.
ChrisBradley, Yes, I do. Third link on google.
This isn't rocket science.
man, your makign your self look more and moer stupid
I mean, come on.
Make an effort.
next your gonna be like "omfg, you not let me talk man omg its harrassment wah wah"
If you won't google something, act like a professional.
501(c)(3) is required to file form ___ with the IRS.
And that form is open to the public.
hlieberman, hes making "legal" accusations via IRC...... that doesn't get any MORE professional.
Guess the number - the IRS can't have that many forms, right?
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lets be realistic here. the link does not include who your attorneys are for a point of legal contact. In case something were to happen inside the network that were requiring their contact.
such as what exactly?

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