Saturday, March 7

To those who matter...

Hey guys,

I can't say this in words, so instead I write it down. Firstly I'm sorry.

You've all known me for varying amounts of time, and no one, not one of you has ever, ever made me feel bad about not going out/not staying out/not coming out. In my stupid head this made me feel like you didn't care if I came out or not, but tonight I realised that just wasn't so.

I know you all care really, and if you dont, well thats your own choice and it doesn't really make a difference to you then :P You are my friends and you can't understand how much this makes me happy. It allows me to carry on though the hardest times as I know your all there.

I know i'm a little strange, i dont always fit in, and I'm not always the life and soul of the party but even with this, you've accepted me as I am. While you might say "of course, thats what a friend does" but for me I grew up in a place where that wasn't so and even now its hard for me to convince myself that it isn't so.

This isn't a sad note, an unhappy note or anything like that. Its a happy note, its a thank you note, its a note to say you've made a difference to someone, and if thats the only thing you ever do then you can be pleased with yourself!.

You've made me happy at least.
Thank you.

Much love <3

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