Tuesday, November 30

Managing mailing list via thunderbird

Today I was asked if i could generate a list of email addresses which were bouncing from out mailing lists. Fun!.

While I could of setup something to pull down the emails properly for me to check through them, I already had them in thunderbird and couldn't see the use in wasting the space and time.

What I did find is that you have a file under ~/.thunderbird//ImapMail//mail_dir which contains all of your emails in one large lump.

After a bit of fiddling I took this lump and ran it through :

awk '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++){if ($(i) ~ /@/) print $i}}' $$$FILE$$$ | sort | uniq -ui >> email_list

which gave me an almost unique list of email addresses which were bouncing from our messages. Fun :)

Saturday, October 16

Very all Minecraft Tower with lavafall, My First building

So I've been playing minecraft for about a week or so, and now finally have something I want to show off - Its pretty terrible, but I put it on youtube anyway ;) Tada:

Wednesday, August 4

How I got my blackberry tethered in Debian on my eeePC

Previously I had been using my N95 to tether my eeePC and so allow me to get online wherever I was. This was brilliant when I was out and about, or at work on a day when we were allowed use of our laptops (such as Saturdays, late overtime etc).

When I upgraded to my blackberry one of the few things I didn't consider at the time was the connectivity with Linux. I never used any of the media features of my N95 and so I presumed it'd work exactly the same with my blackberry, where it'd offer the connection to my laptop without problems. I was wrong ;).

At first it appears there is _no way_ to connect your blackberry in a sensible way to a Linux PC, all it will normally offer is file storage access via mounting the sd card used to store data within the blackberry (As far as I'm aware there is still no way of accessing the "application" memory within the blackberry in Linux). This is fine if your just wanting to pull photos and videos from your blackberry, but is utterly useless if your wanting any kind of advanced functions such as tethering or syncing items to the blackberry.

Once I had plugged in my blackberry I first checked it had loaded correctly for mounting:

[ 881.144078] usb 1-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3
[ 881.277189] usb 1-4: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
[ 881.298369] scsi3 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
[ 881.299784] usb 1-4: New USB device found, idVendor=0fca, idProduct=8004
[ 881.299798] usb 1-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=5, SerialNumber=3

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0fca:8004 Research In Motion, Ltd.

So its showing up and the system has detected it, if you can't get this far then you need to look into sorting out your USB, its most likely just an option in the kernel you've missed.

The program which is commonly named for working with blackberry's is known as "Barry" (Gentoo users maybe thinking "Oi, thats one of our cows!") - The program can be found at : Net Direct however as I am using Debian I dont want to compile the source myself, seems to be more trouble than its worth as the package is already in a debian tree.

So it sounds like a simple case of just getting the program via aptitude right? Wrong, unfortunately its only in the Sid tree, and so isn't normally available as it may break your system (Personally this seems kind of backwards behaviour - you can easily break your system using your root password and debian don't stop you having that.).

I was left wondering what to do for a few hours at this point, some people told me to give up if it was in Sid as I was likely to crash and burn (which I really didn't want to do on my eeePC as reinstalling/fixing is such as pain without any input media). However someone assured me that with a package like barry, if it did all go wrong it would just be a case of removing it again, as it simply only had one dep which wasn't already in the stable tree - this dep was libbarry!

After a little more research I found I could grab the .deb files myself, and someone from #debian advised me this would be the most productive way of going about installing the application.

I grabbed both the barry-utils.deb and libbarry-0.deb from the debian site and then proceeded to install them via:

dpkg -i libbarry0_0.15-1_i386.deb
dpkg -i barry-util_0.15-1_i386.deb

Once you've done this, you should be able to connect your blackberry and using barry-utils check its connected. I'll cover more of this in my next blog post on getting your blackberry working within linux

Tuesday, August 3

BlackBerry - 6 OS - New BlackBerry 6 Operating System - BB6 on BlackBerry Torch 9800.

So RIM have announced the new Blackberry Torch along with a new version of the blackberry OS. No clue yet as if we will get the OS on other blackberries but its something to look forward to!. More info can be found at : BlackBerry - 6 OS - New Blackberry 6 Operating System - BB6 on Blackberry Torch 9800.

What's interesting to note is I can't see any huge changes to the OS other than the "Social Updates" which appears to be some kind of api controller for pulling info from twitter/facebook and any other social networking sites you might use, and at the same time allow you to post to them too.

Depending on how this is setup it could be a wonderful tool for monitor social feeds, but at the same time it will likely lack the extra features each of the sites adds such as "like" on facebook, and re-tweeting on twitter - If it does include these then it'll likely be limited to a selection of sites, approved by RIM. Hopefully it'll be a combination of both which means we can have the extended features of the "supported" sites, while being able to add other feeds independently, with just the normal featured you'd expect such as receiving information and posting your own updates.

Friday, July 23

The day the PSU died...

Well a few days ago (infact I think it was only two days ago, but feels like it was months ago!) I came home to find my PC was dead.

Recalling previously I thought the PSU had died and that I'd brought a new one, only to notice a small burn on the graphics card I quickly got to work digging though my various computer parts (I can count 5 computers in my small office)

I found my spare PSU - Oh, but its only a 350w and the one that blew was 450w! That can't be good, but it was running the PC before.... so I connected it just to the motherboard to confirm the system would boot - It powered on, and I was able to ssh into the system - success!.

So I chucked the old PSU, and started pondering where to find a spare newer PSU. I grabbed a old computer I had just to find it only has a motherboard and psu at all (helpful!).

I then remembered I had my dads old PC which I had built for him, and my brother had given me back after buying him a brand new system (which happens to be the most powerful rig I know of). I quickly grabbed the PSU out of this (while giggling at the fact the HSF was held on by duct tape!) and tested it on my system:

Finally booting with a powerful enough PSU that I can reconnect my HDDs ;)

While I was at it I decided to clean out everything I could get near in my system. Realising I had no alchol to clean with I went looking for the nail varnish remover. Failing to find this also I went for the next best thing - Brut Aftershave! I dismantled the Cooler Master fan (ewww):

While doing all this I realised I might as well clean up the other PC incase I needed it in an emergency... Opening it  back up I made an amazing discovery.

It wasn't the Althon 2100+ I was expecting...... Its a AMD 64 X2!

It needs a good clean up, a new bracket on the motherboard (they managed to snap the clip off somehow) and a better HSF (its running on stock currently. But there is also a BFG 7000 series card in there too. So now I'm looking at a very nice system I can hopefully get up and running without too much trouble.

It'll be running linux, and will replace my main rig. Question is, can I run the GPU projects under linux on a 7000 series card?

Hopefully I'll find out soon once I've got the parts. On the way I have a new HSF 
which I have to say, looks quite funky!. Hopefully it'll allow me to run boinc out full pelt, and without issue!

Tuesday, July 20

Kinect Finally Priced - £155!

So Microsoft have announced an official RRP for Kinect - £155. However this comes with a copy of Kinect Adventures. No idea yet what that includes.

However it IS already showing on Amazon so you can take a look. And if thats not enough then you can look at getting another 360 too - a nice new one ;)

Monday, July 19

periodic table of controllers V.2.5 UPDATED

This is awesome. My new wallpaper for the week/month/whenever I find something else I like ;)

Friday, July 2

The Buddha really dances

My brother was/is known as the Buddha as many aeons ago we shaved his head and he looked like a miniature sholin monk. I found this old video of him dancing and it made me grin, so I thought I'd share it with you ;)

Saturday, June 19

Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done

I've become a starred commenter on lifehacker!. Its nice when my comments are thought of as worthwhile and sensible - Something alot of sites don't bother with any kind of moderation on comments and so everyone is viewed equally - Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. Now to make sure that I keep my comments useful ;)

Also I'm popular karma-wise on Slashdot which is nice too!. However that seems to be alot easier to earn as its applied systematically on how your comments are rated vs getting noticed and starred by an editor on lifehacker. Eitherway, good times!.

Friday, June 18


Jade, originally uploaded by djsmiley2k.

My jade has finally rooted in the water and so now I can start potting it up - Hopefully will see some proper grown soon now :)

Monday, June 14

Slim XBOX 360 - on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

So a new slim 360 has arrived - Photos are on flickr already for anyone who wants a good look at the new SKU - Featuring built in N wireless, a 250gb hdd and new smaller shape. Appently the system is whisper quiet, and has a glossy design rather than the original matt design. Check it out at Front Straight on on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Friday, June 11

World Cup News and live updates

So the world cup has started.

In case your wondering I found a Google Live Searchthingy bob which I randomly found.

I'm wondering if this will hit on the page itself. I'm doubting but hopeful!

Sunday, June 6

Real time Earth GNOME-Look.org

I've now got a picture of the earth as my desktop! Epic win - Followed instructions from :Real time Earth GNOME-Look.org. I added a cronjob instead of their way of using the init.d directories.

The cronjob I made was:

0 * * * * /home/tim/wallpaper/wallpaperscript.sh


Lego Hello World

Awesome lego printer!

Friday, June 4

IOGraphica — MousePath's new home

IOGraphica — MousePath's new home

Weird funky app which tracks your mousemovement and turns it into a pretty picture - I'm wondering if I can mess with this to get it to "paint" onto a root window in xfce and then see if we can have it dynamically updating in the background?

Sounds complicated but I'm wondering if its possible - If you've heard of something like this - Hit up the comments!.

Monday, May 31

How smoking effects pets

Has anyone ever done research into how smoking may effect your pets?

Would be interesting to see, maybe the people who don't care about their kids health may care about their pets health more...

Thursday, May 27

Flowering clematis

Flowering clematis, originally uploaded by djsmiley2k.

This is the first year we've had the clematis and its come out with 3 or 4 of these beautiful flowers. Amazingly matching the other blues/purples we have already in our garden.

Sunday, May 23

SSL Search on google

Well now google has SSL search for when you require that nice secure searching function!.SSL Search on google (help page) and Google SSL Search for the actual search page itself.

I'll be testing to see if this is any good and if theres any slow down due to using SSL, though as its google I'd expect it to be non-existant/non-noticable.

As its still beta YMMV ;)

Saturday, May 15

Milkme.co.uk now has a favicon

Added a favicon.ico to milkme.co.uk.


Info on #sausages vs #regulars

Who came first? Oh.... I did!

[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Information for channel #sausages:
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Founder: T360UK_SMILEY
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Description: #Sausages - for when #chat goes crazy
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Registered: May 31 16:23:41 2009 CDT
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Last used: May 15 05:47:43 2010 CDT
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] E-mail address: djsmiley2k@gmail.com
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] For more verbose information, type /msg ChanServ INFO #sausages ALL.
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Information for channel #regulars:
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Founder: TheeeeeO
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Description: We are the cool kids
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Registered: Oct 23 09:05:36 2009 CDT
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(services@majornelson.com)] Last used: May 15 05:02:36 2010 CDT

Sunday, May 9

ODST Loading screen time stamp

Randomly notice the time stamp in the ODST loading screen actually shows your current console time.


Ever noticed cool stuff on loading screens?

Monday, April 19

X.org keyboard/mouse stopped working after upgrade in gentoo

My keyboard and mouse stopped working randomly after X.org updated in gentoo.


emerge -av xf86-drivers-evdev xf86-drivers-mouse xf86-keyboard

Job done (also reinstalled nvidia-drivers and restarted dbus but not exactly sure if this is required;)

Tuesday, April 13

more evidence?

7:45:35] <> Remove a b and replace with an o
[17:45:49] <> yep.
[17:45:54] <> took me a while but i finally got there
[17:45:58] <> lol
[17:45:59] <> i was like niptrap?
[17:46:04] <> lmao
[17:46:32] <> the trip lines are the best though
[17:46:36] <> :P
[17:47:41] <> Lines
[17:47:45] <> Oh, duh <.<
[17:49:41] <> TheeeeeO: Do you like lines?
[17:50:02] -&- #chat: TheeeeeO sets mode [+b ~q:*!*@MN-C90B025E.bagu.cable.ntl.com]
[17:50:04] <%TheeeeeO> Not removing it this time
[17:50:21] <%TheeeeeO> hell I am sticking you on my blacklist, so even if someone does it will remove you
[17:51:04] -&- #chat: TheeeeeO sets mode [+b *!*@MN-C90B025E.bagu.cable.ntl.com]
[17:51:04] <<< DriedAxex was kicked from #chat by TheeeeeO [No one cares about your lines, blacklisted]
[17:51:12] <> ouch.
[17:51:37] <<< TheeeeeO [theo.d.may@theodormay.com] has quit [Quit: ]
[17:51:40] <> What happened?
[17:51:41] >>> Theo [theo.d.may@MN-16281CAA.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #chat
[17:51:52] Theo is now known as TheeeeeO
[17:51:58] -&- #chat: MN-Bot sets mode [+h TheeeeeO]
[17:52:03] <> What happened?
[17:52:05] <> the word dried mentioned is kinda taboo.
[17:52:10] >>> shunkou [shunkou@the.moon] has joined #chat
[17:52:10] -&- #chat: MN-Bot sets mode [+v shunkou]
[17:52:28] <%TheeeeeO> Not taboo
[17:52:36] <> It's also annoying when you guys go on and on with the same stupid word/joke/gag


17:53:59] <%TheeeeeO> Hello
[17:54:02] <%TheeeeeO> My name is THeo
[17:54:04] >>> stonyarc [StonyArc@MN-D4AC2249.access.telenet.be] has joined #chat
[17:54:10] <%TheeeeeO> I enjoy being over the top with my punishments
[17:54:13] <%TheeeeeO> Get used to it
[17:54:16] <%TheeeeeO> THanks,
[17:54:17] <%TheeeeeO> Theo
[17:54:24] <> TheeeeeO: <3> damn y'all.

Tuesday, March 23


[15:21:49] <> Thats probably because passport is down.
[15:22:19] <> Nope.
[15:22:22] <> Passport is up.
[15:22:33] <> Hmmm....
[15:22:33] <+T360UK_Smiley> cuz it brokewn :(
[15:23:52] <> well when i click sign in 500 comes up
[15:23:59] <> Woah. I do believe xbox.com master server for routing is borked.
[15:24:11] <> daf66274b3926cc189354e82763abc6
[15:24:13] <> crap
[15:24:14] >>> MNGuest47461 [Mibbit@MN-4586134A.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #chat
[15:24:20] <> 500 - Server error
[15:24:27] <> That looks liek a WEP Key
[15:24:32] <> ya getting that error too

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