Monday, May 31

How smoking effects pets

Has anyone ever done research into how smoking may effect your pets?

Would be interesting to see, maybe the people who don't care about their kids health may care about their pets health more...

Thursday, May 27

Flowering clematis

Flowering clematis, originally uploaded by djsmiley2k.

This is the first year we've had the clematis and its come out with 3 or 4 of these beautiful flowers. Amazingly matching the other blues/purples we have already in our garden.

Sunday, May 23

SSL Search on google

Well now google has SSL search for when you require that nice secure searching function!.SSL Search on google (help page) and Google SSL Search for the actual search page itself.

I'll be testing to see if this is any good and if theres any slow down due to using SSL, though as its google I'd expect it to be non-existant/non-noticable.

As its still beta YMMV ;)

Saturday, May 15 now has a favicon

Added a favicon.ico to

Info on #sausages vs #regulars

Who came first? Oh.... I did!

[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Information for channel #sausages:
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Founder: T360UK_SMILEY
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Description: #Sausages - for when #chat goes crazy
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Registered: May 31 16:23:41 2009 CDT
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Last used: May 15 05:47:43 2010 CDT
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] E-mail address:
[12:25:17] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] For more verbose information, type /msg ChanServ INFO #sausages ALL.
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Information for channel #regulars:
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Founder: TheeeeeO
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Description: We are the cool kids
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Registered: Oct 23 09:05:36 2009 CDT
[12:25:28] [MajorNelson] [ChanServ(] Last used: May 15 05:02:36 2010 CDT

Sunday, May 9

ODST Loading screen time stamp

Randomly notice the time stamp in the ODST loading screen actually shows your current console time.


Ever noticed cool stuff on loading screens?

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