Saturday, June 19

Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done

I've become a starred commenter on lifehacker!. Its nice when my comments are thought of as worthwhile and sensible - Something alot of sites don't bother with any kind of moderation on comments and so everyone is viewed equally - Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. Now to make sure that I keep my comments useful ;)

Also I'm popular karma-wise on Slashdot which is nice too!. However that seems to be alot easier to earn as its applied systematically on how your comments are rated vs getting noticed and starred by an editor on lifehacker. Eitherway, good times!.

Friday, June 18


Jade, originally uploaded by djsmiley2k.

My jade has finally rooted in the water and so now I can start potting it up - Hopefully will see some proper grown soon now :)

Monday, June 14

Slim XBOX 360 - on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

So a new slim 360 has arrived - Photos are on flickr already for anyone who wants a good look at the new SKU - Featuring built in N wireless, a 250gb hdd and new smaller shape. Appently the system is whisper quiet, and has a glossy design rather than the original matt design. Check it out at Front Straight on on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Friday, June 11

World Cup News and live updates

So the world cup has started.

In case your wondering I found a Google Live Searchthingy bob which I randomly found.

I'm wondering if this will hit on the page itself. I'm doubting but hopeful!

Sunday, June 6

Real time Earth

I've now got a picture of the earth as my desktop! Epic win - Followed instructions from :Real time Earth I added a cronjob instead of their way of using the init.d directories.

The cronjob I made was:

0 * * * * /home/tim/wallpaper/


Lego Hello World

Awesome lego printer!

Friday, June 4

IOGraphica — MousePath's new home

IOGraphica — MousePath's new home

Weird funky app which tracks your mousemovement and turns it into a pretty picture - I'm wondering if I can mess with this to get it to "paint" onto a root window in xfce and then see if we can have it dynamically updating in the background?

Sounds complicated but I'm wondering if its possible - If you've heard of something like this - Hit up the comments!.

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