Friday, July 23

The day the PSU died...

Well a few days ago (infact I think it was only two days ago, but feels like it was months ago!) I came home to find my PC was dead.

Recalling previously I thought the PSU had died and that I'd brought a new one, only to notice a small burn on the graphics card I quickly got to work digging though my various computer parts (I can count 5 computers in my small office)

I found my spare PSU - Oh, but its only a 350w and the one that blew was 450w! That can't be good, but it was running the PC before.... so I connected it just to the motherboard to confirm the system would boot - It powered on, and I was able to ssh into the system - success!.

So I chucked the old PSU, and started pondering where to find a spare newer PSU. I grabbed a old computer I had just to find it only has a motherboard and psu at all (helpful!).

I then remembered I had my dads old PC which I had built for him, and my brother had given me back after buying him a brand new system (which happens to be the most powerful rig I know of). I quickly grabbed the PSU out of this (while giggling at the fact the HSF was held on by duct tape!) and tested it on my system:

Finally booting with a powerful enough PSU that I can reconnect my HDDs ;)

While I was at it I decided to clean out everything I could get near in my system. Realising I had no alchol to clean with I went looking for the nail varnish remover. Failing to find this also I went for the next best thing - Brut Aftershave! I dismantled the Cooler Master fan (ewww):

While doing all this I realised I might as well clean up the other PC incase I needed it in an emergency... Opening it  back up I made an amazing discovery.

It wasn't the Althon 2100+ I was expecting...... Its a AMD 64 X2!

It needs a good clean up, a new bracket on the motherboard (they managed to snap the clip off somehow) and a better HSF (its running on stock currently. But there is also a BFG 7000 series card in there too. So now I'm looking at a very nice system I can hopefully get up and running without too much trouble.

It'll be running linux, and will replace my main rig. Question is, can I run the GPU projects under linux on a 7000 series card?

Hopefully I'll find out soon once I've got the parts. On the way I have a new HSF 
which I have to say, looks quite funky!. Hopefully it'll allow me to run boinc out full pelt, and without issue!

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