Tuesday, August 3

BlackBerry - 6 OS - New BlackBerry 6 Operating System - BB6 on BlackBerry Torch 9800.

So RIM have announced the new Blackberry Torch along with a new version of the blackberry OS. No clue yet as if we will get the OS on other blackberries but its something to look forward to!. More info can be found at : BlackBerry - 6 OS - New Blackberry 6 Operating System - BB6 on Blackberry Torch 9800.

What's interesting to note is I can't see any huge changes to the OS other than the "Social Updates" which appears to be some kind of api controller for pulling info from twitter/facebook and any other social networking sites you might use, and at the same time allow you to post to them too.

Depending on how this is setup it could be a wonderful tool for monitor social feeds, but at the same time it will likely lack the extra features each of the sites adds such as "like" on facebook, and re-tweeting on twitter - If it does include these then it'll likely be limited to a selection of sites, approved by RIM. Hopefully it'll be a combination of both which means we can have the extended features of the "supported" sites, while being able to add other feeds independently, with just the normal featured you'd expect such as receiving information and posting your own updates.

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