Sunday, November 6

Firefox changing h in address bar into w

In one of the most stupid changes ever firefox devs decided that the http:// prefix shouldn't exist, and so you shouldn't be able to type it either.

In firefox 7 if you type a h into the address bar, it presumes you don't understand you don't need the http:// prefix and instead changes your h into a w, as if you were about to type "www".... Now, I'm not even going to go into why this is broken as you need a seperate DNS record (or catch all) for the www. prefix anyway....

To turn it off this stupid behaviour :

search for 'browser.urlbar.trimURLs'
Change to false.


Note: You MAY want to see the http prefix, because if its http and not https as you were expecting, this is the first sign something may of gone wrong.

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Anonymous said...

This method is better:

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