Friday, June 1

XFCE4 - Where the hell did my power options go?!

So the xfce4 have decided to rewrite the way to logout box appears. Thats perfectly fine and I can't fault that, but making it stupidly impossible to find how to get back to the original behaviour? This I don't like.

So you want your old popup box which gives you those 3, 4 or 5 options that you used to have?

  1.  Remove all your old power button things from your taskbar, they are annoying and confusing all at once.
  2. Add a new "Action button"
  3. You want to enable ONLY the "Logout..." Change this by right clicking the button and turning the options on or off. - *Note* this is different from "Logout".
  4.  In Settings -> Session and Start up, you want to enable "Prompt on Logout"
  5. Finally, right click on the action button again and change the Apperance to "Action Buttons".
I was discussing this with a nice dev online at the time, and I the trouble I had setting this up, while him believing it was "just a simple change" shows that disconnection between users and devs. When they have that inner knowledge of the system, simple changes to them can have massive results for end users.

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