Wednesday, December 5

Youtube - html5 - No volume control.

So it seems youtube have finally pushed html5 for their popout player and it works surprisingly well.

I've played with it a little bit and a few things stand out as amusing - basically the popout player seems to be the exact same code used for 3rd party systems such as maybe the xbox 360 or freeview boxes.


Well for a start there's no volume control within the controls displayed on screen. I presume this is because at some point the browser itself maybe able to control the volume as part of the html5 spec (Just guessing here btw) or simply because on a TV or other device, you control the audio independently anyway. I believe if I moved to using pulse audio I maybe able to control the audio of individual windows (I know it can work for different applications, but I'm unsure when you have two windows of the same application if they'd then have independent volume levels).

However for the time being while this isn't implemented it is a little off-putting/annoying to have to adjust my main PC volume simply to turn the volume up/down on a youtube video. If I was at home this'd be a major annoyance due to routing my 360's sound via my PC.

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Anonymous said...

You can right click 'Show controls', for it to display a second control bar. Hovering over the volume controls will display the volume control, however once you mouse over the bar it will disappear! To fix this, press the fullscreen button on the new control bar, adjust your volume, and then resize it back to the original popout size.

That should allow you to modify volume!

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