Friday, September 19

XFCE4 - no more window borders

For some reason this tends to happen quite a lot to me - I'll lose the window borders in xfce4 which causes all sorts of weird issues where I can't login properly.

To fix simply

xfwm4 --replace

Thursday, September 18

XFCE4 - Multiple mixer plugins

So I normally have 3 mixers on my panel in xfce4 as I have lots of inputs I control independently. Normally this can't be done as it won't allow you to add more than one mixer.

This is easily solved however:

File: /usr/share/xfce4/panel/plugins/mixer.desktop

[Xfce Panel]
Name=Audio Mixer
Comment=Adjust volume levels
The change of X-XFCE-Unique=true to false is what it takes to allow you to add more than one plugin.

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