Thursday, April 23

OSX niggles and other annoyances...

So I've been using OSX at work, mostly because it's easy to maintain (yup, agreed!) and it's what they gave me to use. I don't like Apple or their business style however I've tried to be objective in my usage of the system, to see if it's as easy as so many claim it is.

It's generally easy, however there is a few things that agrevate me:

  • If you detatch/reattach a hdmi cable, even while music is PLAYING it'll switch to try and output through the hdmi. Now I've been fortunate that each time the hdmi device attached has been muted and the office hasn't been subjected to my musical choices but why it does this by default I have no idea.
  • I've lost too many windows off the top of the monitor screen to count - even closing and reopening the application won't restore it's postition to a sane level - the 'internet' at large generally suggests changing the resolution of the screen to cause the windows to redraw. Why it doesn't do this generally once a display is disconnected (and so would fix them) I don't know. At home I use xfce and that simply allows me to hold alt and drag a window with the mouse (the size doesn't change, the position does). You can sometimes get the window back by shrinking it with a combination of alt, cmd and the mouse on the border of the window but even then it's tricky.
  • The lack of the F5 key. Having F5 do things like refresh in a browser was clearly too conventional for Apple, so they went with cmdR instead. (Also F11 being cmdF is annoying too, because oh wait, cmdF might also be find!).
  • Hiding of the #. If you're an irc user, and a terminal user you'll quickly find you need to turn the alt key back into the meta key for irc usage; but then you'll find you can't actually type the # because every time you hit alt now, it's sending meta+ and you can't actually type a # anymore. In the end i created a custom shortcut via BetterTouchTools just to send the # key to stdin.
  • That god awful file selection window. It's useless. If you want to do anything other than click directly on the file you want to open/choose then you're screwed. You can create a directory, but don't be thinking you can rename it. Oh you can also choose another directory, if it's in the seemingly randomly populated dropdown list that Apple provide. Number of times I've had to switch to finder to go to the right location, create the needed directory, move another one to the trash and then switch back !

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