Tuesday, December 4

**We come, because everyone else is already here.**

Time has become meaningless, there is nothing left. Literally nothing - Every star in the entire universe has burnt out, exploded throwing it's own mass out into an infinite darkness. All the spacefaring races know the end is soon, but they also know that the only power left, is that which is held by those they may of once called friends, and now have become mortal enemies.

In his final days of exploring, as the universe was literally dying around him and the various species in the universe were all fighting in their home galaxies, or in the places they considered the most strategic and valuable - which is amusing considering the only value now is energy, which is largely lost anyway he made a discovery which blew his mind. A single planet which some how had survived yet never been discovered, untouched by any hand of intelligence. It was pristine and it was unburnt by that which now pervaded all else - the thirst for energy.

He made his choice there and then, jettisoning the energy capsule to land on the planet, meaning the planet would be protected, yet fought over until either there remained one winner and they could collect their winnings, or all would be gone and the universe could finally sleep. His ship came down, far enough away from the energy capsule to ensure that it survived even if he didn't and in his final moments he smiled. The energy capsule was more powerful than some of the largest stars, it'd leak heat and energy into this planet, keeping it living for thousands upon thousands of years if undisturbed and if the wars in the heavens did finally end that too he guessed, made it a fitting prize to whoever could land and take it. But how to make them come? His beacon would let them know, screaming out into the nothingness 'I was here'.



The universe is dead, all the stars are gone - the only source of power left is energy capsules, which are slowly running out. Those races which managed to escape to space all need energy to survive. Somehow, someone ended up finding a planet, after everything was dying that was undisturbed. They launch their energy capsule into the planet, ensuring it's short term survival, but also dooming it to become the largest target in the universe. A huge amount of power inside a planet, inhabited by those who have no clue what they have. All the races of the universe will flock to try and win the battle, to take this energy - mean while on the planet the inhabitants see, but don't understand hat is happening in the heavens above them.

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