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World of Final Fantasy - Post Game Stacks

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Gravity stacks

  • S: Any
  • M: Nightmare
  • L: Any

Gravity stacks v2

  • S: Death Searcher
  • M: Any
  • L: Any

Magic stacks:

  • S: Any small form of ifrit, shiva or ramuh.
  • M: Carbuncle
  • L: Ramewl, not the star version, or shiva/ifrit.

Magic stacks V2

  • S: Any small form of ifrit, shiva or ramuh.
  • M: Any medium form of ifrit, shiva or ramuh.
  • L: Largebuncle

Crit stacks (need critical++ seeds on all mini tonberry and tonberry's empty sphere.)

  • S Mini tonberry
  • M Tonberry
  • L (Any monsters with single hit specials, like shivalry or Elefenrir)

Sharpened Knife stacks (Need Accuracy++ seeds on all empty spheres of this stacks.)

  • S Mini tonberry
  • M Master tonberry
  • L King tonberry

Both Gravity stacks is late game build where your main damage is from using gravity until your 

other spells or attacks deals more damage than gravity.
Gravity deals fixed % damage on target's current HP.

Magic stacks with carbuncle is for 'later' game when you can deal decent magic damage and not rely on gravity, Carbuncle can pierce enemies with reflect statuses and and party-reflect buff, and buff to increase your defense and magic defense, although not as good as shell/protect but they do stacks if you have the spells.

Magic stacks V2 is for 'later' game after you can survive decently without the need of carbuncle's reflect and defense buff as it is a stack more 'offense' oriented.

Crit stacks is for postscript, after you are stronger, making use of mini/tonberry's enhance critical and using critical++ seeds on them makes your L monsters hit way harder if they do crit, my elefenrir hits for over 20k, and somebody's shivalry can hit for max damage which is 99999 even on monster resisting ice.

Sharpened Knife stacks is for end game where you can deal tons of physical damage with sharpened knife, but you need to give accuracy++ seeds on those tonberries in that stack, else your skill is gonna miss often. Sharpened Knife is a skill with 100% critical rate.

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